Model Libraries

A model library is a collection of equations and system properties. These are grouped into components that are visually representable and connectable when using them.
IPSE GO supports the same set of model libraries provided by IPSEpro and developed by the Model Development Kit (MDK).

Advanced Power Plant Library with Gas Turbines
Power Plants Cogeneration Plants Combined Cycle Plants
The Advanced Power Plant Library is used for modeling a wide range of thermal power systems. It supports both design and off-design analysis. With the Advanced Power Plant Library the user can design and analyze any power plant, including Conventional Power Plants, Cogeneration Plants an Combined Cycle Plants.
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Concentrating Solar Power Library
Solar Power Parabolic Trough Collectors Direct Steam Generation Central Receiver Heliostat
The concentrating Solar Power Library offers the full range of capabilities for the field of concentrating solar power. It supports the following technologies Parabolic Trough Collectors, Direct Steam Generation and Central Receiver/Heliostat Technologies.
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Desalination Process Library
Multi-Stage Flash Multi-Effect Distillation Mechanical Vapor Compression Thermal Vapor Compression Reverse Osmosis
Desal_Lib, the Desalination Process Library, allows you to model and analyze desalination processes which use any of the major thermal and membrane based desalination technologies.
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Refrigeration Process Library
Absorption refrigeration Vapor compression Heat pump
The Refrigeration Process Library (Frigo_Lib) is a model library that enables its users to model a wide range of refrigeration, cooling and heat pump processes.
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Low Temperature Process Library
Organic Rankine Cycle ORC Kalina Cycle Supercritical CO2
The Low-Temperature Process Library LTP_Lib allows you to design and analyze: Organic Rankine Cycles (ORC), Supercritical CO2 Cycles (sCO2) and Kalina Cycles. LTP_Lib contains models for both design and off-design analysis.
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Water and Steam Process Library
Water Steam Rankine Cycle
The Steam Process Library is a model library for modeling water and steam based thermal systems. The library contains models for both design and off-design analysis.
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Model Development Kit

Are your requirements not met by the provided model libraries supported on IPSE GO? Use IPSEpro and the Model Development Kit (MDK) to create your own set of components! IPSEpro's Model Development Kit (MDK) introduces a unique level of flexibility by allowing you to create new component models or create completely new model libraries. Read more or contact us directly. 

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