We continue to enhance and update our software by adding new features and improving existing ones. Programs are updated to reflect new developments of the underlying operating systems. Model libraries are extended with new component models or with new physical property functions.

For IPSEpro we typically release one major new version of the framework every two years, with intermediate minor updates every few months. Model libraries are updated independently. This ensures that new versions are available to the users as quickly as possible.

The most economic ways to have access to updated versions are a "Software Subscription" or an "Update and Support Subscription". With a software subscription you have access to all updates during the subscription period without extra costs. If you have purchased a permanent license, the most economic way to have access to updated versions is to purchase an "Update and Support Subscription". For a fixed annual fee you have access to all updates and you are entitled to receive support from our technical support.

Users without a subscription have to purchase individual updates.