PSEconomy, the Process System Economic Analyzer is a program that allows the user to analyze investment and through-life economics of process systems. The figure above shows an example of a PSEconomy Screen illustrating the investment cost structure of a power plant.

PSEconomy allows to analyze:

  • investment costs
  • operation and maintenance costs
  • profitabilty
  • production costs

As an outcome, PSEconomy delivers the project economic analysis, which contains annual data for revenues, profits, cash flows, etc., as well as the calculation of various profitability measures, like: IRR Internal Rate of Return and  Net Present Value.

PSEconomy includes an interface that allows it to interact with other programs and to use results calculated with other program as part of the economic analysis. Special Link modules are required to that handle the data exchange with other programs. A link module for connecting PSEconomy with IPSEpro-PSE is available.


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