Physical Properties for Water and Steam

PPSteam gives you direct access to the thermodynamic properties of water and steam.

Physical Properties for Water and Steam

PPSteam  helps you to speed up your calculations and to use consistent data in your applications by using the generally accepted and recommended source for steam properties. The calculation routines are based on the IAPWS Industrial Formulation for the Thermodynamic Properties of Water and Steam (IAPWS-IF97) as released by the IAPWS (International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam). The formulations are specially designed for the requirements of applications in industry.

The figure shows a temperature-entropy diagram calculated using PPSteam. (Click on picture to display full screen). 

Add Water and Steam Property Functions to your MS-Excel spreadsheet!

With the PPSteam Add-In for MS-Excel you increase the power of your spreadsheet calculations. Do not worry any longer where to get comprehensive data for water and steam properties. Functions available in PPSteam can be used like the built-in functions of MS-Excel. Numerical values, cell references, as well as calculated expressions from other cells are possible function arguments. You just need to provide two properties and call the appropriate PPSteam function to calculate any of the other properties. You do not have to know whether you have subcooled water, superheated steam, supercritical conditions or a two-phase mixture. The functions automatically find the correct region. Functions for calculating speed of sound, heat capacities, isentropic exponent, viscosity, heat conductivity and other properties like surface tension, static dielectric constant and refractive index are available as well.

In the power industry it is vital to use a common basis for contracts, design specifications, or performance tests of plant equipment. In thermal power plants, the calculated efficiencies may differ depending on the used physical properties calculation method. So take care which formulations you use to be consistent with your suppliers and clients. If you want to have direct and easy access to the IAPWS-IF97, you need PPSteam.

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