IPSEpro Design Suite

IPSEpro is a highly flexible software environment for calculating heat balances and simulating processes, which can be used in various fields of application like power plant engineering, chemical engineering and other related areas. IPSEpro Design Suite concerns a set of configurations of the system mainly dedicated to process modeling and optimization.

IPSEpro Design Suite allows you to create process model graphically by appropriately connecting component models from a library. Customized component models can be easily built using IPSEpro's Model Development Kit, to integrate the model library used by your application project. IPSEpro provides efficient data management, powerful mathematical methods and an intuitive graphic user interface, so that you can fully concentrate on the technical aspects of your models.  With virtually unlimited flexibility, IPSEpro Design Suite allows you to modify existing component models or to create your own customized ones in order to meet exactly your modeling requirements.

 Major Modules of the Design Suite