PSOptimize: Parameter Optimization

PSOptimize is IPSEpro's parameter optimization module

In many projects, once the process layout has been defined, one of the most important issues is to choose the best process parameters. Often these values are determined by technical standards and the availability of appropriate components.

However, there are also many situations where process engineers have freedom in choosing these parameters. Through time consuming variations they attempt to find appropriate values for the process parameters.

With IPSEpro you do not need to resort to variations. The optimizer module of IPSEpro, PSOptimize, allows you to carry out formal optimizations to find the process parameters that optimize the criterion that you define.

Using IPSEpro-PSOptimize you can:

  • Define and run your optimization directly in IPSEpro-PSE.
  • Have complete freedom in defining your optimization criterion. 
  • Select any number of decision variables.