PSDynamics is IPSEpro's dynamic process simulation module. With PSDynamics it is possible to simulate a wide range of dynamic models.

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IPSEpro is often used to investigate the performance of processes where all process parameters can be considered as constant. Such processes are referred to as steady state processes. Storage of energy or mass is neglected. Mathematically such a process is represented by a system of algebraic equations.

If it is necessary to know how a process responds to changes over time it is in general necessary to take into account storage e.g. of energy or mass. A process where changes over time are relevant is called a dynamic processes. Mathematically such a process is represented by a mixed system of differential and algebraic equations.

PSDynamics adds all the functionality that is required to describe a dynamic process and to solve the model. At the core of PSDynamics is a powerful and robust solver that solves the model equations fast and efficiently. This is complemented with functionality for entering external influences over time and for conveniently displaying simulation results.