The IPSEpro Online Platform was partially developed in the EU Horizon 2020 project MIDES No. 685793.

The ability to collaborate with others online has become a vital element of the modern workplace. Cloud-based systems for collaborative work on documents have made it much easier to develop projects with contributors in distributed locations. Cloud-based systems often do not need to install any software locally. Instead, a standard web browser functions as the user interface. From a user’s perspective, using such systems generates several key benefits, like:

  • Since the documents are stored in the cloud and can be accessed from different locations, this enables collaborators to contribute to documents without the need to send copies to each other via e-mail or other communication means.
  • Since a standard web browser serves as the user interface, the system is to a large extent hardware independent and can be used from a wide range of devices.
  • It is not necessary to license and install software locally. It may be necessary to sign up for a service agreement, but typically this is often more cost effective than the purchase of local software licenses. It also ensures that any new functionality that becomes available can be used instantaneously by all users.

A requirement of the project MIDES was to present its overall process model in a shared online platform, in order to allow better collaboration among developers and project partners. By using the solver core of IPSEpro, it was possible to base the implementation of the cloud-based platform on a web modelling approach. Using the same solver core and the same model library as in the original IPSEpro environment ensures that the results obtained with the cloud-based platform are identical to those previously obtained with IPSEpro.

IPSEpro Online Concept

The work described hereafter concerns the development of the IPSEpro online platform, with the characteristics described above for creating and solving process models, without the requirement to install any software locally. All interaction with the model, from defining the model to reporting results, is done via a web browser. Taking advantage of recent developments in browser technology, in particular HTML5, a browser-based flowsheet editor has been developed. It enables the user to create and modify the flowsheets of processes, to edit process parameters, to execute the system solver and to display results. Relying on standard web browser features without any add-ons ensures that the IPSEpro Online Platform can be used on a wide range of operating systems. It is supported by current versions of all major web browsers.

IPSEpro Online Platform with MIDES Model:

Screenshot IPSEpro Online 2



The development of the IPSEpro Online Platform was recognized by the Innovation Radar initiative of the European Commission, as an Innovation from the Horizon2020 project MIDES, with “Business Ready” Market Maturity and “High” Market Creation Potential by its Key-Innovator SimTech Simulations Technology.

Innovation Radar IPSEpro Online Platform SimTech MIDES