IPSEpro 8 Is Available

SimTech is happy to announce the release of version 8 of IPSEpro

IPSEpro 8 comes with a series of new features and enhancements that are particularly useful for large projects and complex off-design  calculations.

If you have models of large plants you will appreciate the new capabilty of switching in a dataset sections of a model off with a single click. This is very convenient if you are dealing with existing plants that have a wide range of operating scenarios.

Data frames now come with extended capabilities and allow images as cell content.

IPSEpro 8 is available immediately.

To get more information about IPSEpro

If you need more information about IPSEpro, if you have questions about IPSEpro or if you are interested in a test installation contact us directly or one of our sales contacts. We will be happy to support you.